Why women suck (pun intended) sometimes…

Look, take this as you will: women have crazier expectations in their partner than does a man. For this main reason, women tend to dissassociate with men: they may be very decent, and just genuinely attempting to win you over, but their attempts are overwhelmed by fucking up those attempts, and just not being naturally smooth. I literally think I’m smooth af, and I’ve been in the game for 10 plus years (hehe) but more like since I could talk, but I fuck up so many chances with girls over what?! A lame ass misunderstood joke that gets taken anally on the first date (more like cyber date these days). F***, I’m really sorry about that, bitch. LEARN TO TAKE A JOKE, BECAUSE NOT EVERYBODY TELLS JOKES TO BRING OUT BAD THINGS; IF SOMEONE TELLS YOU A JOKE THEY ARE TRYING (probably) THEIR BEST TO MAKE YOU LAUGH AND LIKE THEM. YES, I KNOW (I’m sorry in advance for this one, jus try’na make a point) YOU WERE SEXUALLY HARRASSED AND DO PORN FOR A LIVING… LAUGH ABOUT IT, OR DON’T DO IT. Yeah, savage. Berry. 

But now, we can’t [even] get along, ’cause every stranger is a wierdo now, at least that’s always your first f***ing choice of thought, am i wrong a***oles?!!! 🙂 lubz yyou… But what chance does anyone have (especially us Bachelors / Bachelorettes who are getting older, to the point people have to ask us why we’re single)? Those of us getting into these misunderstandings are the ones who need to be trying harder to understand each other, so that [hopefully] we don’t get left behind… alone. 

For that reason, I have honestly come to the conclusion that girls are better off with an uglier dude, so that r***rd of a man can prove himself to you, instead of feel like he’s better than you, leading to cheating or dissatisfaction (since males are more easily amused by attractiveness, where as women are generally more concerned about their own attractiveness); men want trophy wives, women want to be the best trophy. I say this from the perspective of a self-proclaimed (relatively confident?) good-looking guy (though, maybe just being selfish with the rules, I’ve seen this so many times). Luckily, girls can be a little deeper than us. Fine, maybe. We love you guys (girls?). You should quit being a bitch for that reason alone (you Aholes): WE LUBZ U. WE DO GAY S*** FOR YOU… THINGS WE’D CALL SOMEONE ELSE GAY FOR.

Of course, there really are those guys that give us the bad rep: I’ve known them and been friends for at least a short time; they trick us too, exactly ’cause we’re not one of the same… they want to camoflage as us good ones and fuck it up, ’cause they hate us more than you (yes, debatable, i know). Obviously, ultimately, you ladies get the short end of the stick, but there really are guys, you may be missing out on; also, divorce anyone?; bastard children (bless their hearts)? Love us like an orphan, ’cause were just looking for a replacement (for our mothers, in case you don’t already know this, ie. Oedipus Complex), and I guess that’s why some guys suck… their mothers (or lack there of)!

BOTTOM LINE: You don’t have to suck too [well, unless yer down 😉 Aaaayyy]! It hurts everybody, when we all really want to win, especially together, with you, our Lovers, Our Hearts, Our Favorites: Women. 

To a Newer, Happier Year…

For All Genders / Sexes and in-betweens.

-Bach., OUT