The Family of Tragedy

One tragedy hits.

It hits hard.

Harder than before,

You let go…

But you cannot…


<br class=””>

They fight over pennies now.

What’s mine’s not your’s…


Not since Father left,

Has we felt whole.

Our problems=

(Now) our own.

We don’t know,

Anything anymore.

He kept us,

As he led us…

Us undeserving…

His grace, like God (what such influence);

I believe they could believe.

<br class=””>

…But we’re fighting over quarters,

Let alone dimes.

What’s mine is no longer yours.

But why? I could be yours.

Your troubles resolved.

Your solution/s,

But you want my problems…

When I don’t have them to give.

This could be so easy…

As easy as tragedy gets…

A family of challenge:

We die or we live,

But I fear the in-between…

Of struggling since your teens…

With nothing to show.

<br class=””>

I’ve told you before,

My snow,

My angel…

My blue eyes, Princess.

But you don’t, i assume you can’t,

Listen anymore.

<br class=””>

I am sorry…

but I am still right:

All the mistakes…

were taken before.

“What doesn’t kill you”…

Wants you a whore.

<br class=””>

So i try, i buy,

But i can’t let go…

As far as I’ve tried,

And i’ve mined…

I’ve learned.

These coins were made to be sold…

<br class=””>

Or, maybe…

I’ve been told.

So let it go;

…I let it go.

Let life live and forever before torn,

We’ve sworn:


A million times ago.

<br class=””>

Let alone, let a hold of you be taken,

Not sold, for the telling be told:

These horror stories hold thorns,

Closer than the rose.

<br class=””>

We’re beautiful, (if) we stay,

We’ve been here, so…

Cry over your spilt milk;

I’m sorry you can’t let go;

I’ll be here when your story’s told,

To tell them ever more,

Onwards, I bestow…

The queen you could have been…

...before the storm.


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