John Wick, The Newschool James Bond: John Wick 2 Review

Keanu Reeves is back Friday, February 10, 2017, but how is he gonna follow up the innovation that the first movie in the new franchise brought to the table? Simply put Wick fans, don’t fret: this whole trilogy is looking to be the actor’s second coming of The Matrix (in terms of epic scale, not story, also a nice surprise of an easter egg for Neo and ahem fans).

  1. To remain spoiler free, short & simple: the movie is similar to Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, in that it plays it safe by being a movie that has a lot in common with the original, so that not to dissapoint the die hard fans and cult following, and dissappoint it does not. Everything the first one had, number 2 does, no greater, no less, only subtracting the nuance of the first experience.
  2. Cinematography: top notch and just as colorful as the first, maybe even more of it, superb film production 10/10
  3. Action: possibly more over the top, but mostly new versions of the original scenes, new kills, improved guns, and the same classy, stylized choreography (reminiscent of a modern day adaptation of James Bond that goes more gritty than classy, though doesn’t lack intelligent, tactical etiquette in any of its methods, 10/10.
  4. Story: Same vengeance story, new characters, new thrills, 8/10

Overall: 8.9/10,  because it only feels one notch lesser than John Wick, because it didn’t have the element of surprise like number 1. Other than that, this was and always will be one of the better sequels of all time (though, sequels aren’t known for improving on the originals, except for the universally accepted, even better than the first, The Dark Knight). 

Original in more than enough ways to remain fresh and continue to grow. The anticipation for the final episide of the trilogy begins as soon as the credits roll. The stakes somehow evolve. 

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Bachelor’s Anonymous

You get in a lot of trouble, trying to be cool; just leave it for the ahole you hate from the distances. I’d be high everyday for those years, literally, I’d be sober one day out of the month, and I still might’ve smoked herb that day as consolation every other month. Maybe. Zz.

I didn’t necessarily miss out… but things could have been better by now. You literally jus get frozen in time… while everybody else is moving forward, including their feelings being on, while yer feelings are off, so you can’t meet them mentally, until you do some years of catching up. You know yer smart enough to catch up if you could jus one day quit. WHEN you quit, I guess you either quit before it’s too late… or you let it kill you. 

I just want this to be the last time I have to quit something i love.

    “The Interview” Scandal Speculations

    James Franco and Seth Rogen star in the upcoming North Korean leader-offending Christmas day release movie, “The Interview” (Sony Pictures). The film has seen some turmoil in the media, as well as politically. As you may have heard, Sony’s website/ database has been hacked by an allegedly Korean cyber-terrorist group, in retaliation of the “distasteful” movie, which focuses on the story of [Franco] and [Rogen] being given an assignment to assassinate the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. The Korean “leader” was so offended that “his majesty” supposedly threatened the United States of America as a whole, many of his followers threatening nationwide killings to randomly selected movie-goers in theatres. For obvious reasons, the movie was pulled just before release. Now, after President Obama spoke about surrendering rights such as freedom of speech to intimidations of another country, the movie is once again set to be released (as originally planned) on Christmas day… So my question is, “is there something else going on?!”

    This whole back and forth thing between Korea, ‘Merica, Obama, Kim and Sony Entertainment makes me wonder… Couldn’t there be any alternative motives? It’s some awesome advertising/ promotion for a film some people may have skipped on considering the nature of Franco and Rogen films prior (Pineapple Express sure was funny but not for everyone, but now every Korean in the world has a reason to “must-see” this movie, as well as a bigger percentage of Americans who will feel the release of this movie exemplifies some sort of patriotism or expression of freedom. Now, it might take a little crazy (which i have developed over the years), but is it so hard to believe this whole bag of shenanigans that happened this past week could just be the greatest example of Product Promotion the business department of the U. S. Has seen?

    I have too many questions and not enough answers, but the early release of this movie on YouTube and similar sites has me satisfied with the idea that this was all a planned one-week long stunt by all the “figures” involved. Why? Oh, I don’t know… MONEY TO BE MADE?! Sometimes we think people are too rich to be interested in “petty” deals, but hey you see it in Hip Hop and what-not every day… You rent a Ferrari for a day to shoot the music video, now all your gullible fans think you own one yourself.

    Why would any businessman (sometimes this includes family) ever tell you their secrets? Let alone Donald Trump or your favorite rapper… Why would anyone want you to know the secrets that got them where they are? They worked for their way there and aren’t going to help you take their spot.