Journal Entries 1

Depression kicks in; i’m a piece of shit.

I’m miserable, but i know not be selfish with my self-pity; such a minority, the amount of people i meet that are sad playing happy; i blame them… and i, i blame me.

Like pulling the roses, the thorns only scrape your insides; you’re just conscious enough to feel it.

I feel like shit. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that you couldn’t save me, and i dread having to do it myself; stranger danger carried, he grew and became your neighbor.

And then you meet someone, and tip to believe, things may not be what they seem as my self-indulging self told me, told you; nobody cares; one of my favorite exes’ favorite quotes nonexistant father was, “WHoooOO CARESSS?”; she’s so funny, she thought it was funny. Bless her and you, my future former friends and lovers.

I love you, but i starve knowing the same does not apply to me. You :9’t love me. You want me to fix that dont you. I need tonbe perfect when i dont want to be. Id rather be left alone and so i am. I hate nyseld nao.

But iloveYOUu.


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